Financial Transparency

Financial Dashboard

In the spirit of full public disclosure, this transparency page provides a quick, yet thorough, look at all aspects of the finances for the City of Johnson City. In addition to budgets, annual financial reports, and check registers, the financial dashboard gives an overview of all local taxes, including the rates for property and material illustrating each tax's revenue history. The dashboard also presents information on the city's outstanding debt as well as details on the repayment of that debt. Finally, the dashboard outlines the city secretary's role in maintaining city records, the kinds of records available, and the various methods for submitting public information requests.

Public Information Request 

To request information from this governmental body, please contact:
You may send your request:
By mail to: Anthony M. Holland, City Secretary, P.O. Box 369, Johnson City, TX 78636
By e-mail to:
By fax to: (830) 868-7718
In person at: City Hall, 303 E. Pecan Drive, Johnson City, TX 78636

Investment Policy

This Policy applies to the investment of all City funds and any funds under the City control. The policy of the City is to invest public funds in a manner which will provide a reasonable market investment return with the maximum security while meeting the daily cash fund demands of the City and conforming to all state and local statutes and bond covenants regarding investment of public funds.  All purchases of securities will be made on a competitively bid basis. 

City of Johnson City
Tax Rate Breakdown 

Property Tax - (Rates per $100 of taxable property value)

Maintenance & Operations (M&O) $0.2974

Interest & Sinking Fund (I&S) $0.1676

Total Rate $0.465

Sales & Use Tax – Within City Limits of Johnson City:

State of Texas 6.25 %

Blanco County 0.50 %

City of Johnson City 1.50 %

Total Rate 8.25 %

Hotel/ Motel Occupancy Tax – City of Johnson City Only:

State of Texas 6.00 %

City of Johnson City 7.00 %

Total Rate 13.00 %