Municipal Court

Johnson City Municipal Court is an official Municipal Court of Record  
 The advantages of being a municipal court of record are :

  1. The judge for a court of record has more flexibility when issuing search warrants.
  2. The municipal court retains more control over cases brought before it. In a non-record municipal court, a defendant may appeal the judgment of the municipal court to the appellate court handling municipal court appeals, usually a county court at law or county court, and have a trial de novo (basically, a new hearing). A defendant may even skip a non-record municipal court altogether by entering a plea and appealing the case to the appellate court. The subsequent trial in the county court, instead of the municipal court, controls the outcome of the case. 
  3. A municipal court of record has fewer appeals to the county. A reduction in the number of appeals results in a reduction in the municipal court’s workload with regard to processing appeals. A municipal court of record will also reduce the burden on the county court system since the number of appeals will decrease.


  1. Edie Walker
    Municipal Court Administrator

    Judge Kevin R. Madison
    Municipal Court Judge

    Physical Address
    303 E. Pecan Drive
    Johnson City, TX 78636

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 369
    Johnson City, TX 78636

    Ph: 830-868-7111
    Fx: 830-868-7718